Everything we mentioned so far would be nothing without the help of our partners, which are an integrant part of the Gresini Family. The commercial department is a key pillar of Gresini Racing and has been managed for the last two decades by Carlo Merlini, the commercial and marketing director of Gresini Racing.

This is a crucial moment in the development of this side of the project: many #GresiniFamily existing sponsors have already decided to join this new effort in the premier class and also new sponsor are coming onboard, given the strong attraction by the incomparable stage of MotoGP.

How does the MotoGP project come to light from the commercial side of things?
Putting together a budget for a project normally requires a lot of dedication and great work method.

In our case, there have been some factors that have surely taken the work complexity on a different level – first and foremost the huge loss we had to face last February: this is an incommensurable void which will never be filled. Aside from this emotional aspect, complexity was also generated by the level of budget that we need build when it comes to a MotoGP project and by the fact that, after seven years of joint venture with Aprilia, we found ourselves back to square one with regards to budget building.
The network of relationship we have in place with our existing and prospect sponsors was extremely useful and allowed us to develop discussions far earlier than usual and eventually to get to the point of signing a contract with Ducati with an already well-shaped budget.
The business model of an “independent team” requires a very careful risk management and I must say that this has been one of the biggest learning of the over 20 years of work alongside Fausto.

New and ‘old’ allies
This new Gresini MotoGP project was a precious opportunity to offer our partners in the lower categories a chance to follow us in this new journey, to develop the sponsorship in the premier class with all the perks it has, starting from the TV audience numbers and media attention it gets. We have already announced that established partners such as Federal Oil, Astra Otoparts, YouAll e Kapriol will be onboard. But obviously, a new chapter is also a chance for new partners to enter the #GresiniFamily, and I would like to mention that Flex-Box was among the first ones to embrace the Ducati Gresini MotoGP project, and did so in the key role of title sponsor.

Indonesia still has a key role…
Our deep, decade-long roots in Indonesia are well known. This is a bond that comes from the fact that Indonesia is a key country for the MotoGP universe, as the series has over there the biggest following in the whole world. For us, Indonesia has become our main foreign market, in which we have developed very important partnerships. The opportunity to jump onboard the Gresini’s MotoGP platform was taken first and foremost by Federal Oil, as the Gresini Moto2 title sponsor decided to move its commitment to MotoGP by becoming to my knowledge the first-ever Indonesian sponsor in the premier class! And then also an historical partner such as Astra Otoparts has joined the challenge and others will follow.