Yesterday’s race marked the end of a decade-long involvement in the Moto3 class for Gresini Racing, one marked by challenges, success and dreams come true. Ten years in which the team led by Fausto Gresini was able to achieve some incredible results:

  • 1 World Championship title with Jorge Martin in 2018;
  • 1 Team World Championship Title with Jorge Martin and Fabio Di Giannantonio (runner-up) in 2018;
  • 1 rookie of the year with Jeremy Alcoba in 2020;
  • 12 race wins (8 by Jorge Martin plus two each by Enea Bastianini and Fabio Di Giannantonio);
  • 17 second-place finishes (7 by Enea Bastianini, 5 by Fabio Di Giannantonio, 4 by Jorge Martin e 1  by Jeremy Alcoba);
  • 22 third-place finishes (7 by Jorge Martin, 6 each by Enea Bastianini and Fabio Di Giannantonio, 2 by Jeremy Alcoba and 1 by Gabriel Rodrigo);
  • 32 pole positions (20 by Jorge Martin, 7 by Enea Bastianini, 6 by Fabio Di Giannantonio, 3 by Gabriel Rodrigo, 1 each by Jeremy Alcoba and Niccolò Antonelli);
  • A total of 2085 points

LUCA GRESINI – Moto2&Moto3 Team Manager

“First of all, I’d like to say that it has been a very tough decision for the whole Gresini Racing. For Fausto and us this class has always been extremely important, but the MotoGP project required a huge effort from all of us and we chose to prioritise that in order to do it the best way possible. We will still be in Moto2 and MotoE, and I’m sure this is only a goodbye to a class where Gresini Racing has made history.”

JORGE MARTIN – 2018 Moto3 World Champion

“Thanks to Fausto and Gresini Racing, my time in Moto3 was an incredible journey: we had a competitive bike, an extremely tight team and together we achieved so much… How can I forget that 4th of November 2018… So much happened that year, not only positive things, but we were able to overcome any challenge and clinch the title. Fausto was a mentor for me and thanks to him many young riders like me were able to make their dreams come true. All I can say is thank you.”

FABIO DI GIANNANTONIO – 2018 Moto3 World Championship runner-up

“I owe everything to Team Gresini and Fausto: he brought me to Moto3, Moto3 and in a few days I will get the chance to begin my MotoGP journey… Moto3 was key for my career and so far is where we got our best results: I battled for the title in 2018 and was often in contention for podiums and wins. I only have good memories of that category, the best of which is obviously my first win at Brno.”

ENEA BASTIANINI – Primo podio e prima vittoria Moto3

“Everything was born in Moto3 and the first year was something incredible: I have so many memories, good and bad, but especially the three podium finishes I’ll never forget. In the following years we came very close to winning the title, and that win at Misano was amazing… It has been a wonderful period of my life and now, to make my return with Gresini, is something unique – even though it will be without Fausto. These years  with Gresini in Moto3 have been fantastic and I’m sorry they will be leaving the category, but we’re back together in MotoGP so I have many reasons to smile.”


“I owe everything to Team Gresini because it was Fausto the first who had faith in me going from the CEV to the Moto3 World Championship, which was a dream back them. I landed in the World Championship title-holding team and that was a privilege. I had some doubts as it was an Italian team so quite different to what I was used to, but I felt at home straight away with the whole team and with Fausto. He has been a great boss, but especially a great guy and I must say that with Nadia the relationship grew even stronger, and I can’t be but honoured. It’s a shame that Gresini is leaving Moto3, as it has been an iconic team in the class.”


“From the moment I arrived in this team I immediately felt comfortable: I was able to grow a lot as a rider thanks to Team Gresini and I have never felt as competitive as in this period, so it’s a shame to lose such a team in this class. The best memory is surely the podium in Mugello: it was very emotional for everybody and I remember it fondly, even though I wish Fausto was there to celebrate with us.”






GOODBYE FOR NOW - Gresini Racing
GOODBYE FOR NOW - Gresini Racing
GOODBYE FOR NOW - Gresini Racing
GOODBYE FOR NOW - Gresini Racing