We asked the AI to do an interview (questions and answers) with Alex Marquez, then we compared the created answers (Alex GPT) with the real ones (Alex). Here is the result!

ChatGPT: It is all about motorcycles in the family with you and your friend Marc Márquez. What do you think about the comparison with him and how were you able to develop your MotoGP career?

Alex Marquez GPT: My brother was of huge inspiration for me, and I always tried to learn from him. But I’m also aware that we’re two different people and with different personalities. So, my MotoGP career is about developing my riding style and race craft. I’ve always focused on doing my best and improve in each race.

Alex Marquez: Comparing myself to him has surely had an impact over the years because we did the same path; I was able to manage this parallelism until a time comes when it’s clear that you need to do a sort of separation… Each rider has different careers and paths, so I learned to look at myself only and to improve race after race.

  1. ChatGPT: How do you prepare physically and mentally for a MotoGP race? Do you have any training routine you follow?

Alex Marquez GPT: Physical and mental preparations are very important for every MotoGP rider. I would like to focus on cardio training and strength in order to be in good fitness form. I also work with my team to develop a race strategy and to be ready for any situation that could happen in the race. Regarding mental preparation, I try to stay calm and focused for the whole race, even when there are difficult situations. Generally speaking, I try to keep a balance between physical and mental training to give my best on track.

Alex Marquez: I’ve been following the same routine for many years now, even though some exercises have changed through time. From the mental side, I try to have my dear ones near, stay calm and be happy. I don’t have a mental coach.

  1. ChatGPT: How would you describe your riding style compared to other MotoGP riders?

Alex Marquez GPT: I think my riding style is very smooth and controlled. I like to concentrate on precision and make sure to be comfortable and under control on the bike. Surely it is important to have the necessary speed to compete in MotoGP, but precision is what makes the difference for me.

Alex Marquez: Precise, smooth and also aggressive at times.

  1. ChatGPT: What do you do to stay calm and focused while on the grid, waiting for the race to start? Do you have any ritual or special technique?

Alex Marquez GPT: I like to have a calm and relaxed approach on the starting grid. I like to listen to music and concentrate on my racing strategy. I don’t have any specific ritual, but I like to take a few minutes to take a deep breath and visualise my race before the start.

Alex Marquez: I always try to visualise a whole lap in my head, including gear shifting, how I will approach it, the start and where I could have room for overtaking. But most of all I try to isolate myself from all the people on the grid.

  1. ChatGPT: We know competition in MotoGP is very intense. How do you manage the passion and competition during the season?

Alex Marquez GPT: Pressure is part of racing in MotoGP, but I believe it is very important to keep it under control. I like to focus on my race and my strategy, and not on what other riders are doing. I also like to take some time to relax away from the track and enjoy my free time.

Alex Marquez: Since my beginnings, the Spanish championship was already a very professional championship, so you get to the world championship with a good base. Things change quite a lot in the jump from Moto2 to MotoGP and that’s when you need to organise yourself well, to make sure that pressure doesn’t take the focus away from what really matters – being fast on the bike.

  1. ChatGPT: What piece of advice would you give to someone who wishes to start working in the motorcycling world and become a professional rider?

Alex Marquez GPT: My advice is to work hard, be consistent and never give up. Motorcycle racing is a very demanding sport, both physically and mentally, it requires plenty of commitment and dedication in order to become a professional rider. It is also important to have a good team around you that can help you develop and improve in each race.

Alex Marquez: If this is your dream, you have to fight for it in order to fulfil it. You have to do it without thinking too much.

  1. ChatGPT: What was your most memorable race or win in the world championship so far and why? Is there a race you would like to win in the future?

Alex Marquez GPT: My first MotoGP race was special for me, because it represented the pinnacle of many years of hard work and dedication. Winning the Moto2 championship in 2019 was also a very emotional moment for me. Regarding the races I’d like to win in the future, I would surely like to win at home at the Catalan GP and also at the Spanish Grand Prix. These are two very important races for me and I hope I can with both of them at some point in my MotoGP career.

Alex Marquez: The most special race was in Valencia 2014 when I was battling for the Moto3 title and there was a lot of tension with my opponent. And I dream about winning a MotoGP race!