During the weekend of a Grand Prix, the “home” of the team and its guests is represented by a modern structure of 250 square meters, containing 75 seats.

The environment is made welcoming by a floating parquet floor, while the independent air conditioning system allows you to maintain an optimal temperature in all conditions.

The structure consists of two lateral pivots, joined by a rigid aluminum and PVC frame, and a rear pivot, where the kitchen is located. A fourth support medium is used during the assembly and disassembly of the hospitality and to store the necessary material during the weekend.

At the center of the hospitality area there is an island buffet, on two levels, where all dishes are served.


Gianpietro Canetti
Hospitality Coordinator
Gianluca Pastorelli
Maurizio Costantini
Maura Baldelli
Executive Chef
Gianni Duranti
Sous chef
Andrea de Angelis
Michele Olivi
Claudio Cecchini
Claudio Briccoli

Aprilia Racing Team Gresini Hospitality

Gresini Racing Hospitality

Severino Gresini Hospitality

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