Gresini Racing “wears” Mactac

Since last June, all the Gresini Racing teams participating in the MotoGP World Championship are using Mactac materials for the graphic decoration of bikes, trucks and structures

The Grand Prix of San Marino and Riviera di Rimini held last September 11 at the Misano World Circuit represented the perfect backdrop for the consolidation of the partnership between Mactac and Gresini Racing, started last June. All graphic decorations of the Gresini Racing teams participating in all the three classes of the MotoGP World Championship are in fact made with Mactac materials, a company with a great experience in the wrapping field, able to provide a wide range of adhesive films for any graphics application: from the sponsor logos on the fairings to the graphic layout of the garage panels, through the liveries of trucks and of the hospitality unit at the races.

A racing bike is an example of maximum customization and extreme application for wrapping films. The surfaces are slightly curved, the liveries are complex and the time to approve and implement the graphics projects, before the action starts, it’s always very little. Thanks to Mactac colored films, colors of the team and sponsor logos can be easily applied avoiding long painting processes.

Motorcycles, vehicles and facilities of the Gresini Racing teams are decorated with all the best Mactac materials, combined with the relative lamination for added protection and durability. The adhesive film Tuning Film, for example, UV-resistant and color loss, allows quick and easy customization thanks to a wide range of textures and finishes, difficult to reproduce with paint. With regard to the colored cut-out films, it’s used the top-of-the-range MACal 9800 Pro, with its 98 gloss and 2 matt colors, lasting 10 years outdoors (B/W).

The valuable partnership with Mactac is also allowing Gresini Racing to create all the graphics internally and independently in the laboratory set up inside the Racing Department in Faenza, equipped with Roland equipment for printing and cutting.

Company profile

Thanks to the constant innovation and improvement of its production, after more than half a century of history Mactac is now a leader in the graphic and decoration field. The foundation of Mactac dates back to the 40s, when the entrepreneur Burt Morgan started to produce tapes intended for the use in the medical sector. Currently the production facilities and distribution centers of Morgan Adhesives Company (MACtac) are present all over the world including the United States, Belgium, Canada, Mexico and Singapore. Mactac Europe distributes its products through wholly owned subsidiaries (France, UK, Germany, Italy, Sweden, Benelux, Switzerland, Spain and Singapore), and through an international network of specialized distributors located in other geographic areas, which are able to provide a sales service and highly professional assistance to companies of any size and sector of activity.

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LUISA PETRUOLO (Mactac Italy Marketing Manager)

“At Misano we found a lot of passion, energy, professionalism and friendliness. We are proud to announce the partnership with Gresini Racing and we are pleased to provide them our material, as well as our experience. In these early months of collaboration our films for wrapping gave excellent results and that’s why all the team’s decorations from now on will be realized with Mactac materials. This is only the beginning of a great partnership, for sure!”.


“I’m very happy to count on a partner like Mactac to ‘dress up’ our bikes and all our facilities. Our teams need to show their colors and logos on the circuits around the world with a strong and well-finished image, and the Mactac materials allow us to fully meet this need, ensuring excellent quality and durability. An important collaboration that also allows us to manage the many custom graphics throughout the season in a simple and fast way. At our headquarters in Faenza we have also set up a laboratory dedicated to produce independently all our graphics and in this context the help of Mactac is undoubtedly essential”.

Gresini Racing “wears” Mactac - Gresini Racing
Gresini Racing “wears” Mactac - Gresini Racing
Gresini Racing “wears” Mactac - Gresini Racing
Gresini Racing “wears” Mactac - Gresini Racing
Gresini Racing “wears” Mactac - Gresini Racing
Gresini Racing “wears” Mactac - Gresini Racing