ASPIRA to continue the Federal Oil Gresini Moto2 Team’s sponsorship as GS ASTRA joins forces

ASPIRA, cars and motorcycles spare parts brand of the Astra Otoparts Group, Indonesia’s leading company in the automotive components field, will support again the Team Federal Oil Gresini Moto2 in 2017: the ASPIRA brand will be displayed on the Kalex Moto2 machine ridden by rookie Jorge Navarro, as well as on the rider’s leathers and all team clothing and equipment. Team Federal Oil Gresini Moto2 also welcomes GS ASTRA, the Astra Otoparts brand for car and motorcycle batteries, which will be displayed on the bike during the forthcoming season.

Collaborating since 2013, Astra Otoparts Group and Gresini Racing are therefore preparing to face the fifth season together: after the excellent results collected in 2016, the championship which will start next March 26 in Qatar promises to be exciting, with the debut of a young talented rider such as Jorge Navarro. The development of the partnership with ASPIRA and GS ASTRA also confirms the strong link between the Team Federal Oil Gresini Moto2 and Indonesia, a country that represents a key emerging market for motorcycles.

Astra Otoparts is the biggest automotive components manufacturer in Indonesia. The Company’s largest market segment is the automotive manufacturers market (OEM / Original Equipment for Manufacturer), but the group is also expanding his Aftermarket consumer-related business by applying the technology and skills developed in the automotive field.

YUSAK KRISTIAN (Astra Otoparts Director)

“Indonesian riders and motorcycle communities follow with great enthusiasm every race of the MotoGP World Championship, therefore we continue to see Gresini Racing as a strategic partner. For this reason we decided to extend the partnership for the fifth consecutive year. In order to further amplify the synergy between Astra Otoparts and the team, in 2017 we are also adding the GS ASTRA brand alongside ASPIRA. Starting the forthcoming season with a new rider, Jorge Navarro, we hope that the team will be able to deliver better and better result race by race, thus maintaining its role of favourite Moto2 team for all Indonesian fans. We believe that this collaboration will continue to give a strong visibility to our brands ASPIRA and GS ASTRA as official sponsors of the team”.


“Since 2013, Indonesian company Astra Otoparts is representing a major supporter of our project in the Moto2 World Championship: the ASPIRA brand has accompanied us on a great path of growth, both in terms of results on the track and in terms of activities at the races, involving the company and its clients. 2016 started with the visit of Sam Lowes at the Jakarta headquarter, then on several occasions the company has been able to carry out incentive activities for its customers, living the Grands Prix first hand. I’m obviously very pleased that Astra Otoparts has decided to increase the sponsorship involvement, adding their brand GS ASTRA, proving that the relationship between our companies is stronger than ever. The goal ahead of the 2017 season is to further strengthen this very profitable bond with additional activities, and of course to continue to be top players on track, in order to repay the great confidence that Astra Otoparts is continuing to put on our team”.

ASPIRA to continue the Federal Oil Gresini Moto2 Team’s sponsorship as GS ASTRA joins forces - Gresini Racing
ASPIRA to continue the Federal Oil Gresini Moto2 Team’s sponsorship as GS ASTRA joins forces - Gresini Racing