A year that was in many was an unforgettable one drew to a close, one which among the most – if not the most – difficult for the MotoGP World Championship. A season that could have even been cancelled due to the global pandemic but that despite all the limitations, reached the finish line with 15 races and a lot of emotions.

Team Gresini, an institution that is present across all the World Championship categories, has completed a challenging season in terms of sporting result, despite the great affort fromall parties involved: a sincere thank you goes to FIM, DORNA SPORTS, IRTA and MSMA from all #GresiniFamily for organising to perfection this racing season despite the countless number of challenges brought by the virus. An incredible organisational work which must be highlighted and plauded.

The wish we would like to send to everybody is for a serene off-season and to see each other again trackside. Together everything is possible.


“It seemed almost impossible last March/April to even begin a MotoGP season, and now we can say we did it. 15 races and in full safety, really incredible. It’s been a huge effort from everybody, so as Gresini family I would like to personally thank the FIM, Dorna Sports, IRTA and MSMA to take to the finish line a championship in an excellent way, with a commendable work of containing the virus which allowed us to do what we like to the most with dedication and passion. It’s been a very difficult 2020 that we were able to go through together and I cannot wait to be back on track, while hoping that we can see grandstands full of fans and the paddock filled with people.”

THANK YOU MOTOGP    - Gresini Racing
THANK YOU MOTOGP    - Gresini Racing