Gresini Racing Team Moto3 welcomes G.P.R. Exhaust System as Official Sponsor

G.P.R. Exhaust System, an Italian company active for over 40 years in the production of exhaust systems and accessories for motorcycles, will be Official Sponsor of the Gresini Racing Team Moto3 starting from the 2017 season.

Thanks to this three-year agreement, G.P.R. Exhaust System will be back in the Grand Prix World Championship with the aim of winning with the two Honda NFS250RW machines ridden by Fabio Di Giannantonio and Jorge Martin.

GPR Italy S.r.l. headquarter is located in Riozzo di Cerro al Lambro – Milan, Italy, from more than 40 years, with the mission to satisfy clients’ demands for quality products, punctual shipments and flexibility to find the correct solution to the market evolution. Over the last 25 years G.P.R. has transformed investing in new sophisticated machines, staff training and collaboration with some of the world top race teams. G.P.R. has become a market leader ready for the future. A state of the art production facility and a thoroughly developed logistics capability enables G.P.R. to produce quickly and deliver anywhere in the World, fastly and efficiently.

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MAURO ORLANDI (G.P.R. Exhaust System Sales Manager)

Being able to collaborate with an Italian team with such a great sporting history like Gresini Racing is a source of great pride for us. G.P.R. is not only an Italian brand: the factory is based in Italy and all our products are rigorously Made in Italy; moreover, the Italian flag that appears in our logo is not accidental. We share this strong Italian character with Gresini Racing and this agreement, which we strongly wanted on a long-term base, it seemed immediately the perfect deal, in an interesting and ever-growing category like Moto3, an excellent communication tool for our brand”.


“I’m delighted to announce this new, important partnership with G.P.R. Exhaust System, a company with which we immediately established an excellent relationship and with which we have reached a 3-year sponsorship agreement: our common desire is to build a long-term partnership, in order to develop strong activities together. I immediately liked the enthusiasm shown by G.P.R. for what we do and for what our Moto3 project is representing, therefore I would like to thank them for the trust they put in us. Our goal, together with G.P.R., is to continue to play a leading role in a Championship that in the last two years saw our team constantly fighting for the top positions”.

Gresini Racing Team Moto3 welcomes G.P.R. Exhaust System as Official Sponsor - Gresini Racing