Navarro sustains dislocated shoulder at the beginning of Valencia test

The tests scheduled for today and tomorrow at the Ricardo Tormo circuit in Valencia have unfortunately ended prematurely this morning for the Team Federal Oil Gresini Moto2: Jorge Navarro has in fact been forced to stop due to the dislocation of the left shoulder. The 20-year-old Spanish rider had already planned for next December 1st a shoulder surgery to solve the problem, which had already annoyed him during this season.

The injury will stop Navarro also tomorrow, therefore the preparations of the Team Federal Oil Gresini Moto2 for the 2017 World Championship will only resume next year, after the winter break.


“The test was already going very well: we had just made a change to the bike set-up and I was feeling at ease, then under braking at Turn 8 I felt the dislocation of my left shoulder. I ended up in the run-off area, and when I arrived on the gravel it was difficult to keep control of the bike, because I had no strength, and I went down, but without consequences. I have already accused this problem several times during the season because of an old injury, in fact I had already planned a surgery next December 1st. Unfortunately the problem emerged also today and I’m very sorry because I won’t be able to continue the test. Now I look forward to the surgery in order to recover as soon as possible, and resume in the best possible way my adaptation to this category”.

Navarro sustains dislocated shoulder at the beginning of Valencia test - Gresini Racing