Panafè And Gresini Racing Team Moto3: A Boost Of Energy Inside And Outside Of The Track

The Gresini Racing Team Moto3 welcomes Panafè Espresso Coffee Machines as Official Sponsor of the team for the 2016 season: the Commerciale Adriatica brand will be featured on the uniforms and on the truck of the team. Moreover, in all European events on the calendar, the Gresini Racing hospitality areas will use Panafè espresso machines, a guarantee of quality for coffee pods and capsules.

The Panafè espresso machines, for coffee pods and plastic capsules of various sizes, are produced by Commerciale Adriatica S.r.l. to offer equipments of high technological content and high efficiency, while preserving the extreme ease of use. A perfect mix of innovative design, practicality, simplicity and quality of the components.

The full range includes an ULTRA-COMPACT line and a CLASSIC line, ideal for home and office; the PROFESSIONAL line is instead suitable for B&B, hotels, cottages, small bars, restaurants, beach clubs, kiosks and catering services.

Thanks to its molding and production line, Panafè is able to produce customized machines with different design and mechanical characteristics, also with 110V power supply for the American market, both with cappuccino device that with steamer. Providing OEM services, Panafè is also able to meet customers’ needs through the customization of coffee machines and packaging. In particular, it’s possible to create, modify and / or adapt the system of extraction of the beverage according to the type of capsule and / or pod used by the customer. The customization can be completed by a silk-screen printing of the company logo and with a personalized packaging.

The after-sales service, the full range of spare parts for immediate delivery and the availability of training courses with certificate issuance, allow customers to count on a reliable reference point for all their needs.

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ENRICO PAOLO COSTA (Commerciale Adriatica S.r.l. CEO)
“Commerciale Adriatica consists of a young team with a lot of passions, not least motorcycling, a world of young men, brave and humble at the same time. Just like them, in our field we aim to always improve. We always try to grow steadily, with a great determination, and above all we try to keep up with the times. Recently, for example, we launched My Space, a new espresso machine designed and created entirely by us, which can be controlled through a smartphone with NFC (Near Field Communication) technology and soon via Bluetooth; you just need to download the ‘Coffee Panafè’ App directly to your device and ‘play’ with this jewel of technology. Another our strong point is represented by the customer service and spare parts warehouse: always active and ready to provide the necessary support and customized solutions to each client. We have been on the market for over 15 years and we are still here to give our best. A reality that Fausto Gresini, who is competing with his team for many year, knows very well, therefore it’s a pleasure to share these values with him”.

“The collaboration with Commerciale Adriatica started last year with the supply of Panafè espresso machines inside our hospitality. This year the partnership is going to be stronger, with Panafè becoming Official Sponsor of the team competing in the Moto3 World Championship. A partnership that comes from a shared vision, strongly oriented to young people and to a constant improvement. From our side we will give our maximum to achieve the results we expect. I wish to thank Enrico Paolo Costa and all Commerciale Adriatica for the trust and support, as well as for the supply of Panafè espresso machines in our hospitality areas, thereby guaranteeing a good coffee break to all team members and our guests during the races”.

Panafè And Gresini Racing Team Moto3: A Boost Of Energy Inside And Outside Of The Track - Gresini Racing