Gabriel Rodrigo will make his long-awaited return aboard the Honda machine ofKömmerling Gresini Moto3 in the thirteenth event of the Moto3 World Championship season. But there is also another great piece of news, as the Argentine rider will stay with the team led by Massimo Capanna also for the 2020 season.


  1. Is there anything you would like to save from this unfortunate start of the 2019 season?

It has been a difficult year so far, first with the collarbone injury and then with the arm pump. It was also difficult to get to the races in perfect condition in this first half of the season. When I finally got back to full fitness, I then injured my pelvis and collarbone – which hit me hard confidence-wise. Of this 2019 there is very little to save, apart from an incredible team, an extremely-high performing motorcycle and the awareness that I can be quick at every track. This step forward should have been accompanied by important results, which didn’t come due to some bad luck.


  1. What did you find in Gresini and what do you think about the team and the bike?

Family is key to me. The team made me feel immediately part of the family and that was incredible. Having said that, the technical support to better understand the bike has also been extremely useful. The evolution of my riding style has been excellent and when you know you can be fast from the get-go without references it means you have done a bit part of the work already. To be working with Massimo, Enzo, Claudio and Marco is a great pleasure, we have a fantastic relationship that allows me to be serene in every situation – and that helps a lot.


  1. We can officially say that in 2020 you’ll be back with the #GresiniFamily, are you happy?

I couldn’t be any happier to stay with this team: to be able to race in 2020 with a team that helped me grow so much and who fully believe in me makes me proud. This is a winning team, and with the experience from this year and the races left, we will be ready to fight for the title in 2020. I need to learn how to manage the race at the front – it was easier when I was an “outsider”. I would like to thank Fausto and the team for the trust, and I would like to repay them the best way!”


  1. Finally we are back on track, so what is the plan for Misano and for the end of the season?

I will be 100% fit. I really look forward to getting back on track, to continue my learning curve on the bike and with this team. Obviously we’ll have to take it steadily, to evaluate everything and to grow bit by bit. Misano will be special and I can’t wait to race there. We need to find more consistency: we know we’re quick, we only need to find the right mentality to better manage the races and surely these 7-8 races they will be a good training ground.”